Courses with "+1 for the world" in mind

Our staff at Raion have long experience in holding courses. Now when we have decided to start our own business, we have concentrated our selection of courses around improving the system rather then the person. If you are interested in learning more about agile way of working then why not try our training sessions Management 3.0, Scrum Master or Agile Requirements Handling. Please find more information below.

We are flexible regarding timing and setup of the sessions as our top priority is to accommodate the current situation. At the end of each course page you will find a contact form and please do not hesitate to use it!

Management 3.0 - Agile Leadership

Management 3.0 is the course for everyone who want to introduce agile leadership into the organisation. “Managers should manage the system not the people” *

Few companies get the full value out of introducing agile ways of working. Having agile teams are not enough, it demands that you as a leader develop and coach the agile organisation. This course puts focus on the role of the leader and is held by agile experts who worked with some of the largest employers in Sweden. 

Certification: After completion you can become a licenced Management 3.0 facilitator.

Scrum Master

This course will teach you about Scrum and introduce you to ways of thinking and working to foster creative productive teams delivering highest possible value. It suits Scrum Masters but also any other role with the need of deeper understanding of Scrum and Agile ways of working.

Certification: The course is preparational for taking the assessment Professional Scrum Masters level 1 (PSM I) (

Agile Requirement Handling

The aim of agile requirement handling is to better support agile organisations. Instead of identifying and breaking down of the requirements in big numbers, agile methodologies suggests to identify and break down requirements continuously. The goal is to have an even flow of requirements, prioritized to maximise the value for the customer. 

The course suits everyone working with requirement management in organisations who aim for an agile way of working.