Agile Requirement Handling - 1 day

The aim of agile requirement handling is to better support agile organisations. Instead of identifying and breaking down of the requirements in big numbers, agile methodologies suggests to identify and break down requirements continuously. The goal is to have an even flow of requirements, prioritized to maximise the value for the customer. This course sets focus on the larger contexts: the agile organisation (vertical) and the value chain moving across the organisation delivering value to the customer (horizontally). How do we get freedom at work without breaking the organisation?

During this course you will learn about how you can utilize the agile methodologies while working with requirements. Practically this means; how to write user stories and how to continuously work with refining requirements. The course suits everyone working with requirement management in organisations who aim for an agile way of working. Eg. Product Owners, Requirement Analysts, Developers and Architects. This agile requirement handling course is held by agile experts who worked with some of the largest employers in Sweden in public as well as private sector. 

No previous knowledge about Scrum is needed, but feel free to read the Scrum guide


  • User stories as the way to capture requirements
  • Relationship to UML documentation
  • Personas, customer journeys and other tools from lean UX 
  • Backlog management
  • Techniques used to include the area of test early in the requirements work
  • Continuous refinement of requirements

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