Scrum Master - 2 days

This course will teach you about Scrum and introduce you to ways of thinking and working to foster creative productive teams delivering highest possible value. It suits Scrum Masters but also any other role with the need of deeper understanding of Scrum and Agile ways of working.

During this course you will learn about the Scrum Framework and why it works. You will get well acquainted with all components within the framework and how to best put them to use. This Scrum Master course is held by agile experts who worked with some of the largest employers in Sweden in public as well as private sector.

No previous knowledge about Scrum is needed, but feel free to read the Scrum guide

Certification: The course is preparational for taking the assessment Professional Scrum Masters level 1 (PSM I) (


  • Introduction to Scrum Framework and Agile methodologies
  • The roles of the Scrum Team with focus on the Scrum Master and the servant-leader role
  • How to coach, support and facilitate Scrum
  • The purpose and challenges of the Scrum events: sprint planning, review, retrospective and daily scrum
  • How to work with the Scrum Artifacts: product and sprint backlogs
  • Measuring velocity of the team and manage unplanned work
  • Common challenges

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