Raion Partner Network

What is this?

Raion Partner Network is a network where the consultants part of the network can meet and talk business over breakfast once per month. During the breakfast everyone briefly share their views of the market situation as well as existing and future needs. 

These breakfasts are completely free of charge and there is no comittment involved. We believe that we all want to do business with people we trust and that this is a golden opportunity to get to know each other and build that trust. 

For who?

We invite entrepreneurs and consultants in small companies (1-4 people) who work with leadership and system development in the IT industry.


"There ain't no such thing as a free lunch" and of course we have a reason to do this. We have realized that the more networking we do and the nicer we get, the more people want to join us. So we believe that this is a good way for us to get a better view of the market, insight into assignments and needs, tips of recrutements and last but not least to get to know new amazing people. We believe in win win-relationships and hope that you do to!

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