As we said,  we take your business where it needs to go

We are a small consultancy with a personal approach to customer needs. We do software development, architecture, IT strategy and technical change management. We have consultants in the car industry, finance, shipping companies, fashion and more. 

Here at Raion we believe in creating partnerships with our customers. Finding ways to help rather than finding ways to sell – we care. Our mind set toward our colleagues is pretty much the same. We build Raion by collaboration. The company is the sum of all employees, giving us the opportunity to create an environment where everyone gets to be the star.


Jim Elfving

Jim Elfving


I have a strong passion for knowledge and sharing knowledge with others. I love to go to seminars, meet-ups, and conferences around the Microsoft domain. I also mentor young developers ages 7-12 during my weekends. This is so rewarding!

I value team spirit and I have seen the difference that awesome teams make when the team members cooperate and push each other. To be in the flow and getting things done. It gives so much energy!

Anders Bratland

Anders Bratland


My favorite days at work are when I get to ignite a spark in somebody else's eyes. It is not important whether it happens during a sales meeting, while speaking at a conference or in a geeky talk in the cafeteria. The setting is really irrelevant to me - but the result, when I get to combine my passion for technology with my passion for people, is everything!


I love building stuff - whether it is awesome software, amazing teams or strong and healthy organizations. I take very much pride in what I do and how I do it, from showing my kids a cool website that i built to meeting my wonderful colleagues every morning.


My mind is set on sharing - no matter if it is related to igniting sparks or working wonders with my team. I thrive on ideas, what each individual can bring to the table to strengthen and inspire eachother.

Mikael Ljunge

Mikael Ljunge

Business Analyst

I thrive in the area where business and IT meet. This is where my contribution to business development happens. It is when IT and Business is creating sparks that great value is created. In my different roles as business application manager, project manager, business analyst, scrum master, I have gained the experience and the ability to see what is needed for the team to reach a great result while keeping a smile on people’s faces.


I love working in international settings and have been delivering results to some of Swedens largest companies. My assignments have brought me to China, Japan, India, Germany, USA, Poland, England and more. I cherish these experiences as it has taught me how to work in different cultural contexts. One thing I have learned through the years is that excellence has no cultural boundaries.