Management 3.0 - Agile Leadership - 2 days

Management 3.0 is the course for everyone who want to introduce agile leadership into the organisation. “Managers should manage the system not the people” *

Few companies get the full value out of introducing agile ways of working. Having agile teams are not enough, it demands that you as a leader develop and coach the agile organisation. This course puts focus on the role of the leader and is held by agile experts who worked with some of the largest employers in Sweden. 

Management 3.0 is the leading model for agile leadership and this course is based on the book with the same name which has become a global success. The writer Jurgen Appelo is ranked as one of the most influential people in the agile management arena. The course is perfect for roles like managers, leaders, Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and anyone who wants to be part of the development of agile ways of working. It fits everyone who wants to learn more about how to lead with the aim of getting the most out of the agile organisation. 

No previous knowledge is needed, but feel free to read the Scrum guide

Certification: After completion you can become a licenced Management 3.0 facilitator. 

*Management for happiness by Jurgen Appelo


Agile development, what is it?

  • Introduction – what is agile? 
  • How agile compares to traditional organisations? 
  • How can managers and team leaders contribute?

 The theory behind agile:

  • Why does agile work?
  • The study of complexity and systems thinking

To create energy and motivation:

  • Moving motivators
  • Motivate people with better rewards

Empower teams:

  • Self-organisation 
  • How to work with mandate, delegation and trust
  • Challenges
  • Techniques for distributed control

Limits and boundaries:

  • How to make a self-organised team work towards a goal?
  • Structures and tools for setting shared goals

To develop competence:

  • How can the manager/leader contribute to develop competens?
  • How to measure progress in a complex system?

To build structure:

  • What organisational structure works in an agile organisation?
  • How to balance generalization and specialization? 
  • Functional vs cross-functional

To lead change:

  • To be adaptive is continuous improvement 
  • Four aspects of leading change
  • Summary and conclusion
  • Tips for the future

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