Sharing Events

We absolutely love the concept of creating +1 for the world. Raion is a consultancy firm driven by an urge to do good. We want to create +1 for the world!

One way that we do this is to host Sharing events. Here our partners are invited to participate at the cost of a voluntary donation to a good cause. Another way we do this is to offer an energy injection to boost our partners, customised to their specific need. We believe that we can add value by supporting with the knowledge we possess. To find more information about previous events and future ones and also suggested energy injections please scroll further down this page. 

Last Sharing Event:

Planned Sharing events for Q1:

  • Agile requirement handling
  • ”Radical collaboration” workshop

Opportunities with agile energy injections:

  • Webinar/Seminar
  • Agile games
  • Mob programming/Coding dojo
  • Workshops

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